My Attempt at Niche Website Development

On November 14th, 2010 David Zemens wrote:

I have begun learning more about niche website development and how to monetize the sites, primarily with Adsense. I have developed the following sites withing the last week and hope to have good luck with them as I move forward and write new content daily.

Here’s my list:

What experience have you had monetizing micro niche websites?

WordPress 2.5 & ID Numbers

On April 30th, 2008 David Zemens wrote:

wp25One of the flaws that I think exists in the newest version of WordPress is that the administration dashboard no longer includes references to ID numbers.

These ID numbers are useful for identifying which category, page, or post a particular entry is identified with. The WordPress in_category() function, and others, utilize this ID number as one of the parameters for the function.

I have written an article about this over at 1955 Design. Please check it out if you would like to discover a solution to this problem.

1955 Design

On July 5th, 2007 David Zemens wrote:

1955.gifWhat the heck is 1955 Design? I decided to start a new entity for another web design and marketing business. 1955 Design is directly associated with Stoney Creek Web Design and the person behind both businesses is the same guy – David Zemens.

Take a look around the new site. Don’t worry. 1955 Design produces the same standards compliant, accessible and beautiful websites that you are used to from Stoney Creek Web Design. You should expect no less. After all, the same guy is doing the work at both businesses!

Plan USA
Needs Your Support

Plan USA Plan USA is part of a global alliance of sixty two countries that help children and families in need through programs that improve their health, livelihood, education, and communities.

The work of organizations like Plan USA has a direct and immediate impact in the lives of some of the world's poorest people, plus you get to establish a lasting bond with the child you sponsor. We have chosen to sponsor a child through Plan USA and ask you to consider them when deciding on your future charitable contributions. Thank you!

Dinner & a Movie
Needs Your Support

Dinner And A Movie PDX Portland, Oregon has the highest per capita population of homeless youth in the United States. The mission of Dinner and a Movie is dedicated to re-parenting the broken hearts of Portland's lost youth. They share the love of Jesus by providing hope and a chance at new life.

We support Dinner and a Movie and ask that you consider them when making your next charitable decision.

Great Gift Idea

Vintage Rotary Phones Interested in a walk down memory lane? Take a look at my friend Dennis Markham's website,

Dennis sells beautifully restored rotary dial telephones, something many of us remember from our childhood. Take a look at what he has to offer - you will not be disappointed.

Special Thanks

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